Welcome to our eggcellent platform where we focus and talk about anything and everything related to eggs! Whenever we discuss about eggs with our clients, the MOST frequently asked question to us is that do eggs help in weight reduction?

Apart from being known for their incomparable benefits like high protein, low calories, nutrient richness and infinitely many others, they have some infamous qualities which certainly make them egg-ceptionally weight-loss friendly! We have tried to jot them into five main points:

  • Exceptionally Filling!

The eggs are high on satiety index which makes them extremely filling. One can certainly rely on a couple of eggs for a wholesome meal which ultimately won’t only keep the body wholesome but also full for longer duration of time. Thus, refraining the body from any type of junk consumption.

  • Uptake = Intake

The thermic effect of food is higher in protein enriched foods especially eggs. They boost the metabolism rate which helps you burn your calories on a larger pace. Thus, either it’s for maintenance or metabolism of the body, they are a perfect option!

  • Shocking Calorie Calculator Results

On an average scale, a boiled egg contains 78 calories which simply regulates the total calorie intake of the body on daily basis. Whereas, if we compare, a homemade granola bowl makes upto 600 calories and a cup of milk will cost upto 300 calories. Thus, eating boiled eggs everyday surely makes a huge impact on overall strength and fitness of the body.

  • Yolk- The Game Changer

The yolk present in eggs affects the body drastically but in a positive way. Mostly, anyone who thinks about having a healthy lifestyle also thinks about belly fat. The yolk present in the eggs contain high amount of vitamin D which has a direct correlation with belly fat and helps in its reduction.

  • For The Mango People

Last but not the least, eggs are extremely affordable. They are shown to be the most cost-effective diet for supplying protein, choline, and vitamins. And yes! It is relatable to our topic of the day. So many times when we decide on maintaining a good health the other factor which shuts us off is the costing. Thus, following an egg based diet not only make our meals more wholesome but clearly helps in reducing body fat.

Thus, the answer to this question is quite subjective. It can be a YES as well as NO. But, according to our expert opinions if consumed with right proportional amount, eggs are truly incomparable with any other source of food available. So, what are you waiting for?? Order your UV sanitized farm fresh eggs from us right away and start a 30 days challenge to experience how small intake changes can lead to momentous results.